Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Well It's Been A While

The election is over and I can "get a life" again! I get myself too wrapped up in politics, especially when it comes to choosing  the president . Here are a few pieces  I've managed to complete. 
They are from top to bottom:

-Tango at Twelve   17x17   o/l -SOLD
This piece will be at Wally Workman Gallery  in Austin Texas, for the December  show "Twelve"

-Two    11x14  o/l-SOLD
A  study from the dancing series I have been sort of working on. I have a hard time with series. I tend to get bored quickly!

-Maggie's Boys- SOLD  24x36  o/l
Another from my red headed Maggie series. She is hanging out with a friend's goat, Whitey and Arthur the Westie.