Sunday, April 29, 2007

Gabby at Seven I-SOLD

This is my very talented niece Gabriella at age seven. She is now thirteen and on her way to becoming a very accompolished singer/songwriter.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Tuesday's Child

I have been doing some oil paintings on mylar and this is the first piece. This is a self portrait based on a time long ago.

9x7 oil on mylar
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Friday, April 20, 2007

One Hour from Love-SOLD

There is a story behind her and I will try to make it brief. A number of years ago I knew a very funny man (an artist)"J". He popped into my studio to tell my friend and I that he was "one hour from love, one hour from love" over and over. He was having a drink with this remarkable women ( that he met through an ad in the paper) in an hour. I asked if they have seen photo's of each other and they had not. "J" looks like Rasputin, beard and all, not the best looking but interesting if your into that sort of thing and he dressed like an Edwardian musketeer. He also had a very deliberate, theatrical way of speaking. He sounded english but not quite and he was not. A character through and through.
Anyway the hour rolled around and I offered to give him a ride across the river's bridge to meet this women by the gate to this well known B&B. I dropped him off a block or two from the location. As I drove by the place there she stood in this green "60's" coat with a fur collar , red hair , smoking a cigarette and very exotic. No way was this going to work. I went around a few blocks and who do I see walking down Main Street but "J" by himself. I pulled over , he came to my car and said "well... she may not know what she wants , but.... she definately knows what she DOESN'T want".. he laughs and continued, " I said hello...she was ravishing ....and she said "oh no this won't work" turned around and walked away. He laughed again (he was use to this sort of thing) and took my friend and I out for a drink and that night met a local women at the bar and married her two years later. He was actually three hours from love.
I was reminded of this when I saw a very similar coat in a thrift store a few weeks back and had to paint it!

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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Degas -SOLD

A 5x7 oil on linen of my Degas, an eight year old terrier/lab mix. If you know the classic traits of these two breeds you can just imagine the handful this little guy can be. Wouldn't change him for the world!