Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm Back and here is "Gilda"-SOLD

Feeling better and the large piece is almost finished (hurray!). I should post it next week.
This is a painting that I did to take a break from the large piece.

Loooooove doing dog paintings because well I just love dogs (probably a lot more then people).
Truly your best friends! They don't care if your getting fat, or your to skinny, to young ,to old, rich or poor.
They are always so happy to see you and adore you!
This is Gilda, and she is a beauty. She is not one of mine but I hope to have a greyhound or Italian greyhound one day.

Gilda 9x12 oil on linen mounted on board

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year-SOLD

I want to thank everyone for stopping by and leaving your kind messages. I apologize for not responding but I have been overwhelmed with commissions and trying to finish a large, 6 ft.x 4 ft. figurative piece.
I'd like to wish everyone the best for the New Year!

I am posting an older little painting here titled: Uncle Rocco takes a Walk

Yes, I do have an uncle Rocco and had a grandpa Rocco on my mother's side and a bunch of crazy Russians on my dad's side!
Isn't it great, America, such a melting pot!