Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year-SOLD

I want to thank everyone for stopping by and leaving your kind messages. I apologize for not responding but I have been overwhelmed with commissions and trying to finish a large, 6 ft.x 4 ft. figurative piece.
I'd like to wish everyone the best for the New Year!

I am posting an older little painting here titled: Uncle Rocco takes a Walk

Yes, I do have an uncle Rocco and had a grandpa Rocco on my mother's side and a bunch of crazy Russians on my dad's side!
Isn't it great, America, such a melting pot!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!
I hope you'll post this huge painting you're working on.
Nice rainy day feel to this one.

Dani Brandimarte said...

Happy New Year to you, too! This is great. I always love your palette.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I really like this one! Your sense of composition is right up my alley. Uncle Rocco does appear to be quite a character.;-)

I, too love the melting pot aspect of U.S. I just wish we could let it melt a little more, eh? :-D

To echo Silvina's sentiment, will we get to see the big painting?

sandra flood said...

Hi everyone and thanks !
As soon as I finish the big piece I will post it.

Right now I have been knocked out for 4 days or so with a flu.

AAAGGHHH! Really hate not being able to get to the studio but this thing really has me down.

Anonymous said...

Take care of you, girl. Can't paint without that! ;-)

David Bogart said...

i was under the weather too and took about four days off from working out and painting. better to just rest up and be able to paint well later.

David Lobenberg said...

Fabulous work!

sandra flood said...

Thanks David!