Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Head of Bob aka Dutchboy

A very good friend of my husband and I who lives in New Mexico. He has one of the greatest faces to paint and I finally got around to painting it. Not only a great face but one of the greatest people we know! So sorry we are so far away!

This is an oil on linen, 12x12.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Sister's Path

A Sister's Path   
20x20 oil on linen   

I always start a figure piece by making sure the face is going to work. That is always the hardest part and since my work has very little else then the figure, it has to be a face that is going to grab you, keep you interested and wondering just what is going on.

I can't say how one paints emotion in a face.I think that it is just something that happens through the artists own unconscious ability.

I used in this painting burnt sienna, yellow ochre, cobalt blue, some cadmium red, a blue/grey and cremintz white for the face and hair. Actually I used all those colors plus raw umber for the rest of the piece too.

A painting for all of you with sisters! I am a sister to three brothers but I have none myself and always wondered what it would be like.