Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wow! Has it been that long????

I guess it has! I have been busy, busy, busy. I don't know how people are able to blog as often as they do because I just don't seem to have the time!

Well, I have a few new paintings and two of the pieces will be featured in a group show "Women Painting Women" at the Robert Lange Studios/Gallery in Charleston, South Carolina. The two pieces are:

Ali's Back
12x12 o/l

Just Another Day
12x12 o/l w/ white gold leaf

This next painting is also of my wonderful model Alison.

I have used her over the years and she is just the best. Ali is a dancer, and a young actress in the theater. She knows how to give the attitude you are looking for!

Ali's Home Again
20x20 o/l

Hope this post turned out alright. I am a bit rusty!