Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to all, no matter what religious celebration one holds dear to their heart! Even if you do not have any religious views, it is a time of year to reflect and have hope for a  better world. A time of year to get out and do something , no matter how small, to help those less fortunate and  to carry that spirit throughout the new year!

I am still in the process of moving into a new studio! I moved out of my old space and decided to work in my home studio for the winter to save a little money. I just got settled in when...... a great studio space in an old ceramic factory down the street became available.
Well it is so inexpensive ,$150- a month, I could not refuse it! That is about ten times less then what I was paying for a loft space in my small town . It is not anywhere near as "swank" as the loft but how could you refuse a decent space for a price like that!  This is New Jersey we are talking about, you couldn't find anything decent for less then $800!

I promised a few "symbolically tagged" artists I think you will enjoy. You may know these folks and if you do take another look!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


 I have been so very busy these past couple of weeks, moving out of my old studio into a new one and I have not been able to post. I see I have been tagged twice ! Thank-you and I am honored. I am having a hard time  finding folks to tag since every one I would tag has already been tagged . So I will "symbolically" tag some artists work which I think should be seen . Most of these artists are not involved  in the "blog" world as we know it.
I will  tag them in the next post as I am just starting my day and I need a little time to find the websites. You won't be disappointed!

Seven things about myself........unusual.

1-I am really bad at this because I am not very  clever, or have a natural ability when it comes to writing. I admire those who have the gift! (I am thinking Silvina)

2-I am a lot older then I think I am.

3-I own seventy different tubes of paint colors and use 3 or 4 at a time  plus black and white.

4-I very rarely if ever, paint on a white ground.  Sometimes a grey, teal , ochre and venetian red ground. Sometimes it is a wash, other times it is opaque.

5-  I do not draw on my canvas with charcoal or pencil when I start a piece. I will very loosely , sketch in with a brush. But I have been known to go into a piece with pencil lines during the process of painting or when a piece is near finished. I like the way that technique looks.

6- I have always loved abstract expressionism and painted abstracts for a number of years.

7-And last but not least I would probably kill for a really good piece of chocolate!

The little study above is -Divine  6x6   oil on linen   mounted on board