Tuesday, December 9, 2008


 I have been so very busy these past couple of weeks, moving out of my old studio into a new one and I have not been able to post. I see I have been tagged twice ! Thank-you and I am honored. I am having a hard time  finding folks to tag since every one I would tag has already been tagged . So I will "symbolically" tag some artists work which I think should be seen . Most of these artists are not involved  in the "blog" world as we know it.
I will  tag them in the next post as I am just starting my day and I need a little time to find the websites. You won't be disappointed!

Seven things about myself........unusual.

1-I am really bad at this because I am not very  clever, or have a natural ability when it comes to writing. I admire those who have the gift! (I am thinking Silvina)

2-I am a lot older then I think I am.

3-I own seventy different tubes of paint colors and use 3 or 4 at a time  plus black and white.

4-I very rarely if ever, paint on a white ground.  Sometimes a grey, teal , ochre and venetian red ground. Sometimes it is a wash, other times it is opaque.

5-  I do not draw on my canvas with charcoal or pencil when I start a piece. I will very loosely , sketch in with a brush. But I have been known to go into a piece with pencil lines during the process of painting or when a piece is near finished. I like the way that technique looks.

6- I have always loved abstract expressionism and painted abstracts for a number of years.

7-And last but not least I would probably kill for a really good piece of chocolate!

The little study above is -Divine  6x6   oil on linen   mounted on board



Anonymous said...

I'm so flattered you think I have the "gift". I might have made a couple of people laugh, but your list is valuable to us because we've learned some of your process. Sandra's Studio Secrets.

Chocolate tip ... before you commit murder, google Trader Joe's to find one near you, then pick up some of their Valrhona (made in France) dark chocolate bars. Excellent quality, low price. I keep several in the pantry, that way nobody gets hurt.

Love this "Divine" orchestra conductor! His wild hair and penciled-in halo make me smile and feel melancholy at the same time.

I'm really looking forward to learning about new artists from your list of the symbolically tagged.

wayne said...

Hi Sandra,
I came here via some friends' blog links. Your work is outstanding+++. It's quite mesmerising. The figuration and compositions: lyrical, spare ... clear of superfluous or ancillary ornamentation. Your 'interpositioning' of the median tonal (value) range in many of your paintings, poised, as it often is, within a near-middle zone of a consciously narrow band, provides for plenty of 'headroom' wherever and whenever you desire it for 'upper or lower register' lights or darks. Same for colour intensity. It seems apt to your nocturne-like tonality that you usually begin on a toned ground because that would seem to set a musical 'key' for your work. The figuration is breathtaking. There's a rare intimacy I feel in your art: like a thorough giving over of yourself to the subject of your painting.
Congrats, best wishes!

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Hi Sandra,

I have been tagged twice recently and I had the same trouble like you, because most of the blogs I follow and like, had already been tagged.

Also your studio secrets were so interesting to me and I hope you don´t mind if I will borrow this idea from you.

Last but not least this is another mesmerizing painting of yours.

Cheers from freezy Vienna.

adebanji said...

This is brilliant!

What you have reaveled about yourself is also interesting!

I like the bit on using the pencil in the piece when it is almost done!

I really like this piece, "divine"
its a strong tonal painting with movement and a strange appeal! The way you combine colours is really succint!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra,
I met you at Catherine's party last night. I decided to look you up. Hey, those are some pretty nice paintings! I've only seen 2 in my web search so far. I was distracted by your blog. I'm told I should create a blog, so I thought I would check yours out. I think it is ridiculous that anyone would want to read my daily stuff, but yet I am pretty much interested in everyone else's stuff, so maybe there is something to it.

Good in your new studio. Moving is such a grueling process.

Chris from 8th Street

Susan Webb Tregay NWS said...

Sandra, Thanks for your wonderful paintings. Working as small as this one is may help me around the next, for me, corner, in moving between watercolor and acrylics.

I do have a new ventilation system going and may be able to return to oils.Your paintings have insptired me.

Sue Tregay

Marilyn Webberley said...

Simply Wonderful!

goldeneggstudio said...

Love your paitings!!!!!

Jacinta Montgomery said...

Love your work.

Fred Bell said...

I have been looking through your paintings and find them inspiring. I like the limited palette you use. I am moving toward that myself. What does it mean to tag someone? I'd like to exchange blog links with you. My blog is: http://fredbellpaintings.blogspot .com It helps us both and I would very much like to list you on my blog. Fred

krishna pulkundwar said...

Hi Sandra,
Superb work, i like colour scheme of the painting the yellow & black. Also the brush strocks. looking forward to see more works. i am a abstract painter & also a lecturer from mumbai, india.
please do visit my blog www.krishnapulkundwar.blogspot.com
take care.

tata said...