Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New Work

Here are a few new pieces.

The Art Dealer 10x8 o/l-SOLD

Lilly on a Grey Day II 8x10 o/l-SOLD

Michael Again 12x12 o/b-SOLD

Lilly on a Grey Day I 10x8 o/l -SOLD


Dani Brandimarte said...

I've been anxious to see what's next and I think these are great. I especially like the last two. You have such a unique style.

Anonymous said...

Boggles my mind when you post several fabulous paintings at once. I don't know which to comment on first. But I can't resist The Art Dealer.
He looks so painfully fastidious and chic. He's the kind of guy that I like to see in a dress shirt with faded Levi's and flip flops. Just for the sheer enjoyment of juxtaposition.

I'm just learning about the value of placing other shapes within the frame to make a more appealing design. I see you did that here.

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Four very strong paintings. The indication of the floor in the dog paintings is very good and you have such a good sense of characterisation of peoples and dogs.

Tony said...

Great pieces. I really feel as though you captured an essence of Lilly. I keep referring your site to folks that see your pieces in our home.

sandra flood said...

Thanks Everyone! I have been getting into painting dogs lately.
My husband and I not only had to put to "sleep" our 16 yr. old dog Guinevere in September but we also had to do the same this month with our 15 yr old dog Tara. So dogs have been on my brain.

I will be posting four more pieces within the week.
I had taken a break from painting for about 8 months, something I had never, ever done before in my many years of painting and I really started back working again in May of this year.I am finally back into the swing of things and the pieces will be flowing!

David Bogart said...

brilliant as usual. the studio is serving you well.

Leslie Sealey said...

I think the dog paintings are stunning!

cindy said...

I love your work! Especially your paintings of Lilly!
They remind me a little of Damon Lehrer's work..awesome!

Son Poemas said...

I liked all your work, but the third painting, it seems to me fascinating.


David Lobenberg said...

I pulled this painting onto my desk top awhile back, because it inspires me so much. I love doing portraits in watercolor and in acrylic. I am completing an acrylic portrait of my ex- art rep using a new Golden product called Golden Open, an extremely slow drying acrylic paint.

tata said...