Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Neoteric Art Interview

I was interviewed by Norbert  Marszalek  for his really cool art site,  Neoteric Art.
There are a number of  great interviews and articles that are worth  checking out!
I have been doing a whole lot of painting lately but unfortunately, it has been walls and a very unusual library. My husband Michael, is a woodworker and he is making  a large "Dr. Suess" type library for a client. Very different indeed. Whimsical. He needed a  meticulous painter so I told him I would help.

I should be finished this week. Hurray!! Then back to the studio.


Karen Appleton said...

Great interview Sandra. It was very interesting and inspiring to read of another self-taught artist. We share many favorite artists as well. The paintings chosen for the interview I love, and are great examples of your beautiful colors.

Well done!

Dani Brandimarte said...

How nice to learn more about you! Your story is such an inspiration to those of us going the self-taught route. I saw a couple of your pieces at Wally's and they are stunning. Can't wait til she gets more!

Anonymous said...

I just read the interview. Very good. I enjoyed learning more about your development, and of course, other painters always want to know about your working procedures. Thanks for that, too.

Also popped over to your husband's site for a looksee. Love that spiral stairway with the "natural" shaped handrail!

Cathyann said...

Great Interview! Honest, unaffected and with great insight for all of us.(wrote this on the interview site) Especially the self taught.
Glad I found your blog and site. I will link to it at mine. I will be back to enjoy your paintings again. Love your work! Wishing you continued success,Sandra.

wayne said...

Thank you Sandra for this insight into your art and background, your influences.. it's a most fascinating interview. Thanks to Neoteric Art too. I regard your technique very highly, yet it is the integrity and soul of your work that i hold in highest esteem and that speaks to me personally. thank you again,