Sunday, September 13, 2009

Big Blue

Big Blue   oil on linen   20x30

I always wanted to do a horse painting and here is the first one!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful first time horse!
You add an element of surprise when you put a model together with an animal. The woman has this mysterious air about her. Seems from a different era.

I live amongst neighbors with horses. For years I've been saying I want to paint a picture of a horse. Maybe I will start with a few pencil sketches when it cools down around here.

So did you start the still life yet? ; )
If you paint a still life... I'll paint a horse.

sandra flood said...

Thanks! I have not decided on what to paint. There seems to be all kinds of stuff around here that would make a fun still life!

wayne said...

When I read the dimensions of this piece ("20 x 30") it resonated for me because that's the size of a 'full sheet' of watercolour paper (and has been for more than five centuries). Having painted countless watercolours in that format and size, i'm naturally intrigued by your spatial division/composition here. ... I love the nuanced musky-green bg. The horse and figure are beautifully and lyrically drawn, connected, ...the arrangement seems somehow magically wistful.

sandra flood said...

Thank you Wayne for your thoughtful critique.
Your "magically wistful" comment hits it for me!