Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Little Davy


This is one of my mother's little brothers back in what was probably 1955. It is 9x9 and an oil on linen mounted on board.

I plan on doing more of Davy, who is now David, because he was such a strange looking little boy that I just have to paint him for my series of old family movies.

I think it was the glasses that made him look so strange when he was young. He was probably about four here and had these coke bottle glasses that were always crooked or taped up where they had broken. Anyway, he is a treasure trove of work waiting to happen! By the way he did grow up to be a good looking man!

As with most of my other paintings my palette was limited. This time I used yellow ochre, burnt umber, burnt sienna cobalt blue and a touch of cad red medium plus black and white.

The painting always seems to go much faster when you are working on a hard surface even though you are still painting on linen. I also tend to get a little more detail oriented when working on the board.

This series is a bit of a change for me. It is forcing me to put other things in my paintings beside the figure or an animal which I really don't like to do. I love other artist's work that can incorporate all kinds of things in a painting but it always feels unnatural for me to do it. My eye is always seeing less is more in my paintings or maybe I could be just plain lazy!


Anonymous said...

I like this little dude. And I was relieved when you said 1955, 'cause the first thing I thought was, how old fashioned looking.
This is really good work, Sandra, and I think you handled the surroundings perfectly. Composes very well and powerfully presents little Davy himself.
I also like what you've done with the color. A photo that old is likely to be pretty faded, and you made it look fresh and natural, like it happened today.
Nicely done.

sandra flood said...

Thanks Decker!
The colors were a bit difficult because the actual photo of Davy was black and white and faded. I decided on using muted colors because I did want to make it feel old. I could have had a whole different painting if I went in with lots of bright color.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I thought about that color comment after I made it, studied the picture a bit more and decided, it does kinda feel old.
I guess I was just trying to say, it looks better than a faded 50+ yr. old photo, like if you'd made a literal translation.

Sorry. Words are not my preferred medium. ;-)

sandra flood said...

You were perfectly clear and I understood what you were saying. I was just filling in a little about the process.

Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

I think it is good to try different things each year, but have to force myself a bit. Your painting oozes nostalgia to me. I love his red lip and frown.

sandra flood said...

Thanks Anna!

patricia cotterill said...

I just love this painting. Your portrayal of "Little Davy" is perfect

sandra flood said...

Thanks Patricia!

Linny D. Vine said...

Little Davy is truly a dandy!!!

Haddock said...

After reading through the details only one realises the amount of work that has gone into it.