Wednesday, April 10, 2013


It has been a very busy winter with a number of commissions. Some things I haven't painted in a very long time and some things I have never painted!

A couple of commissions below.

                                                               "The Colors of My Night"
                                                                     48x32 oil on linen

                                                                          "The Journey"
                                                                        18x18 oil on linen

                                                                 "The Sea That I Knew"
                                                                     48x32 oil on linen

I loved doing the swimming elephant and I think I may do some more swimming animals. Really fun to do!

And....a  piece I just finished for myself. Which was making me dizzy at times!

                                                                          "Lookin' Up"
                                                                      18x18 oil on linen


Sue Marrazzo said...

GRAT Paintings...I like the 1st Abstract the best!!!!!

sandra flood said...

Thanks Sue!

Susan Williamson said...

Oh yes...more swimming animals! Do you have a gallery somewhere near Lambertville?

sandra flood said...

I have a space in Frenchtown NJ in the Two Buttons/ Lovin' Oven complex on Route 29 before you get into town.If you have any interest in coming by it is best to contact me first as I am in my studio more then my showroom.

pve design said...

Your work is lovely.

Anonymous said...

All enjoyable; swimming elephant brought a smile. Good stuff.