Saturday, June 7, 2014

My book is here!

My book is ready and available from Blurb!




    SANDRA FLOOD some paintings by Sandra Flood
I have received my hardcover copy with the dust jacket and it looks fantastic!

I chose the hard cover only because I feel it is sturdier and I like having the dust jacket but soft and hardcover copies have the same premier quality paper. Blurb does an amazing, professional job for the self publisher and I would recommend any artist out there to use them.The book has 72 pages with 69 color photos of paintings and details. I write a bit about my process in the beginning of the book. On some of the paintings I write about the colors I used, techniques and/or the story behind the painting.

To make the books more affordable ( Blurb is a bit pricey) I am enclosing a link to Blurb coupons that will give you 15% - 25% off. If you have never ordered a book from Blurb before you can take advantage of their 25% off INTRO coupon. Blurb Coupons Here!


Kim Smith said...

I received my book Sandra and I LOVE it! Your paintings are amazing! It is beautiful and inspiring. I added a post to my blog about it. Hope you don't mind!

sandra flood said...

Thanks so much Kim! I worked hard on it and tried to make it a bit more interesting looking instead of the typical layout.

therelishedroost said...

I love your work a dear friend Maureen Chatfield and I were talking about your fabulous paintings, I need this book!