Saturday, April 10, 2010

Waiting for Miss Nancy


When I was  very little girl I use to love to watch Romper Room which was hosted by "Miss Nancy".

One of the things I always insisted on was that I had to get all dressed up like the other little girls on the show.

Of Course this was very annoying to my mother.  Changing my clothes a couple of times a day was a chore but I had to have everything just so.

Oh..... how she longed for those days when I turned thirteen and only wanted to wear jeans loaded with patches and run around barefoot.

(How 'bout that TV!)

Waiting for Miss Nancy 10x10  oil on linen


Not to happy about holding those flowers! It was one picture after another that day and I just about had it.

One More Time 10x10 oil on linen


Anonymous said...

I thought it was Miss Barbara on Romper Room? Loved watching that show, so your painting captured a wonderful memory - thanks!

Camille LaRue Olsen said...

The face here is just extraordinary. I love the unexpected colors on the forehead area and the lighter eye, and the expression is priceless. This is really beautiful. I stared at it for a long time -- almost puts me in a trance.

sandra flood said...

Hi Susan and thanks so much.
There were a number of "Misses" on Romper Room.

There were different women in different parts of the country. Plus the show ran from the early fifties until the nineteen eighties so there were a lot of new hosts.

sandra flood said...

Thanks Camille!

Sheila Vaughan said...

Great new series Sandra. There is a real poignancy in the painting "One more time". That focus on the face and especially the eyes which is for me part of your "signature". What adds to that lasting impact though is your use of colour. You get a softness and subtlety in your tones with notes of pure colour. It's quite amazing what you do with your palette. Wish I could be a fly on the wall, LOL!

Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

You make a delicious palette.

sandra flood said...

Thanks Anna! Just a few words about my palette.
I generally use only three colors plus a black and white and a pre-mixed grey (even though I own 76 different tubes of paint) when I start a painting.

For the painting "One More Time" I used prussian blue, burnt sienna, yellow ochre , a white , black and grey. I painted most of the piece with those colors in the first layer or two.

I build up my paintings even though they may look like they are done in a few strokes. I start to incorporate a few other colors if need be towards the end of the painting process.

In this piece I used a cad red medium around the eyes , cheeks and lips. I also wanted to cool the background down a bit so I used a touch of cobalt blue to the background mixture.

The three colors always change and sometimes it is four or more, (nothing is written in stone) but the three colors tend to be some form of a red, yellow or blue, unless I am going for a more monochromatic scheme.

The less colors I use to create a piece the more I feel my painting holds together. I am always exploring new colors too. The palette on these two pieces are nothing like thepalette of the two little girls in the red coats.

Hope this was of some interest!

Susan Liles said...

Looking forward to your new series and glad you are back to painting again. Old family photos are such a good source, but can you part with the finished paintings or are they for you to keep?

Sheila Vaughan said...

Sandra, your comment on your palette was really interesting to me. I also have a mass of different tubes of paint but am coming to realise that the fewer the better! What was even more interesting was that you do not always stick to the same three. I really like that liberating idea as most people do the opposite (I mean stick to the same palette). Your colours are gorgeous Sandra so it obviously works! Thanks for your generosity in sharing that with us.

sandra flood said...

Hi Susan and thanks!
These pieces were actually based on family movies.

I grabbed stills from the DVD's and then altered them in my paintings. For instance the little girls in red were running in a front yard with houses and other people around them.The little girl in front of the TV was rearranged from the movie still and the colors were changed.

So I have the original memories on film. Parting with them is really not difficult. Particularly since most of the figures at this point are of myself when I was a child!

sandra flood said...

Thanks Sheila!

I also should mention that I do not paint on a white surface unless I am doing a black and white piece.

The color of the ground changes quite often. Sometimes it is a very warm transparent ochre or it could be a very opaque teal color. It depends on what mood I want to convey with the piece.

I also have some really cool (as in hip not temperature!) historical colors which I want to explore more.

I think what I will do more of is explain a little about the technique and colors used in each piece.
I always like when other artists do that.

Anonymous said...

One More Time, what an expression! I agree with every comment here. Wonderful use of color and composition too. But what really caught my eye was the way you scratched the pattern into the background. So cool (as in hip).

Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

Very useful to me too thanks.

sandra flood said...

Thanks Silvina! I love scratching into paintings it adds a "cool" interest.

sandra flood said...

Thanks Anna!

Peggi Habets said...

I just love both of these paintings, but especially "Waiting for Miss Nancy". Love that you dressed up for the show!!! Very nice work.

Mary Bullock said...

Oh I remember Romper Room!! I used to watch it too. As I recall, the teacher later became pregnant and was let go. But it really brings back some nice memories and you did a great job of portraying that space in time.

Anonymous said...

So much personality in each of these. Great work.

Good to see you at it again.

michael flood said...

Thanks Peggi, Mary and decker!

Diane Hoeptner (hep-ner) said...

Beautiful paintings, I'm SOOO happy to see new work from you! We actually had friends (sisters) who were on the show Romper Room, it was very exciting. Keep 'em coming.

sandra flood said...

Thanks so much Diane!