Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The World in Black and White.......


And with only about five stations plus a sign off with the national anthem at about 12AM. Oh, how things have changed!
I do have to say, that it was kind of nice having the broadcasting day end at a certain time. The world was quiet just for a few hours.

This piece is 10x10 oil on linen. I used Prussian blue, raw umber, yellow ochre and a little bit of cadmium red. My black was Mars Black and the white was Titanium.

I also used a very light yellow from Vasari Paints for the highlights. I love their paints it is just so loaded with pigment !

The ground was an oil primer and I put a transparent wash of ochre and black over that. I roughed in the composition with raw umber and started painting when that dried.


Leslie Sealey said...

That's a cool painting! I really like the colors you used, and love the composition.

michael flood said...

Thanks Leslie!

Anonymous said...

Very cool vintage tv.
National Anthem at 12? No 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'?! I remember when I had to get up to turn down the volume. I don't miss that.

Cathyann said...

Thanks for the memories. Glad you are back online. I enjoy your work.
Your new additions to the family look like like fun, although you are brave to adopt three pups!

WBEckertStudio said...

Just the perfect combination of elements...palette, subject, composition, bleak, and foreboding for a satisfying piece. Simple and very effective. I'm intrigued by the colors that you used. It is delightful to see this one.